Social Responsibility

National Facewear looks forward and believes actions now will create a better future.

Reusable facewear reduces waste and strain on vital medical supplies.  Our manufacturer adheres to international standards for a socially and environmentally responsible supply process.

Reducing Waste


With the majority of the workforce looking at wearing protective facewear for some time, reusable face masks are essential for reducing waste. Many parts of the world have seen a surge of plastic waste and litter as a result of discarded PPE. Our comfortable and reusable mask sets reduce waste from disposable masks.

Where feasible, our masks incorporate reduced waste materials. Each mask contains a layer of 100% upcycled cotton. Upcycling is a process of returning used cotton without degradation to its original value while diverting waste from the landfill.

Our primary partner, Pactics, is based out of a factory built and certified around sustainable practices, including the use of solar power, biodiesal and purifying systems.

A commitment

Giving Back

National Facewear has donated thousands of masks to help people and organizations in need during the unprecedented global health crisis created by COVID-19.

Social Accountability


National Facewear’s primary partner is Pactics, a Dutch owned and leading high-quality packaging product manufacturer and sublimation specialist based in Cambodia with SA8000 certification (Social International Labor Accountability standards) and ISO-9001 certification.

Pactics has built factories that place workers safety, pay, and well being at the front of its operation.  This includes fair wages, day care and education opportunities, in-house kitchens, and scooter helmets for their commuters.  They also strive to be environmentally conscious with its products, sourced materials and footprint.

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